Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Culver City Art District Road Trip

The Road Trip to look at what ART is being Exhibited in the Culver City Art District was a great success. We were able to leave the car parked and walk a few blocks on Washington, then a few blocks on La Cienega and we saw at least a dozen galleries and their offerings.
For the most part we were greeted by Gallery personnel who were happy to answer our questions and passionate in explaining what the art they were showing was about and the processes involved.

I have a new term to riddle out--'non-historic gallery'.
I saw some 'photorealistic painting' that was focused on such a tiny part of the object that it was abstract color rectangles. A new way of thinking of realism.
I saw huge graphite drawings that were realistic and must have taken forever to create.

When we asked about local eating places, one gallery owner told us his favorite restaurant was on Milpas street. This is not in the Culver City area but Santa Barbara's own SuperRica and he will drive up to get the number 12 and the number 16 especial. I hope he gets an extra order so he doesn't have to drive again the next day.

We checked out the new 'million dollar gallery'--the big white building without a sign yet, still with workmen inside doing finishing touches.

In our Beverly Hills stop we learned the story of artist Chuck Connelly, who was good enough to be in the group of New York big -time success stories of 40 years ago but somehow fate didn't call his number then. He survived a self-destructive path involving drinking but kept painting. In the movie New York Stories, he was the basis for Nick Nolte's role. The gallery owner found out about the artist, tracked him down in Philadelphia and produced a Los Angeles show of his art to great success. There was a movie on HBO about Chuck Connelly, they are producing a sequel, the gallery owner is producing a movie too and best of all Chuck Connelly has been given a new life of success. You can see his art at Trigg Ison Fine Art through November 24.

I hope your turn and mine come up before 40 more years. With just the right connection.... Moral is, though, keep working and keep making YOUR art.

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