Saturday, October 31, 2009

Heard this week in class

The thing about having very smart teachers is they use Vocabulary in a precise way.
As Ross Perot would say, "I am all ears..." to hearing new terms, so fire away.

The Business of Art class had for today the agenda of Accounting principles, which were nicely simplified into a couple of math formulas.

I need to learn this Accounting STRUCTURE to keep track of the money aspects of THE BUSINESS that is bobsart ART.
I have to make Balance Sheets and Income Statements.
I didn't THINK I had any Income.
The Couch Cash was spent months ago.

My business needs to have strong Goodwill established so it can be Porting this into successful Transitions of Work.
It needs to avoid Execution Problems by anticipating Downtime Factors and learn How to Track to Monitor and Generate the right Reports.
The Business has to start Projecting Revenue and Expenses and find the Break Even Point.
On the way to the Bank I check my pocket dictionary for Return On Investment (ROI).

I wonder if Roy's restaurant was created so Roy could cook or so Roy could have a Roi.

I ponder more.
How is the storage capacity holding up against the Inventory Cycle?
If I get too many referrals will that cause problems with my Fulfillment service?
I realize the need to Punch Out One Message, hard and often. The Use of Point of Purchase displays is consistent with using e-mail Blasts and E-vites.
Are there enough deductions to protect the income and still have favorable comparisons to similar-industry's Run Ratios.

What is my Flex Number and does it really mean that my Net Worth is Negative?
I have to go now and find the Gating Item, because my Opportunity Cost is going too fast.
If I can just Identify and get to my Demographics with Podcasts or Facebook, I'll be fine.
And cooly DIGITAL, too.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adult Ed Community Forum

The California state budget cutback affects our adult education program. The available class list was Decimated this term, with even more cuts forecast for the next term in January.

There is a meeting of the Adult Education Administrators tonite, October 27, from 5.30 to 7.30 at the Schott Center Auditorium.

Here is my point of view on the value of the art classes which people love but which are also on the chopping block for eliminating, so that job training can be the focus of Adult Ed.

'Vocational training' is like programming a machine to repeat a task precisely, for 40 hours a week, for XYZ corporation.

Taking a 'personal enrichment class' works on the level of your human soul and your entire head to toe Being. You learn new things, you solve problems as they arise, and your capabilities Grow, letting you Discover YOU have the ability to tackle any job or task.

It's the Bigger Picture we need to see here. Where is the TRUE payoff?

Training robots for XYZ? Or, Nourishing our region's age 21 and over adults, some with vast experiences, to befriend and to collaborate with?
This is our real Community we need to not Kill.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mid-term Test

Upcoming Monday--perhaps a past Monday when YOU get to this post--will tell the tale of how much HTML, XHTML, and CSS I have absorbed and been able to recall its correct form to fill in the correct scantron bubble. The teacher considers this test an 'evaluative' process to let the student know where he stands regarding learning the stuff of web-mastering.

I feel good about the material but in it's form it is easy to overlook a piece like a "<" here or a" "" " there. You know, the details. A comma between two tags in a CSS rule means an entirely different useage than no comma.

My hope is for the uncertain answers, I can narrow down the 5 choices by a couple to give me that 1 in 3 odds at passing the question. Like I say, check with me Tuesday. I will be relieved knowing what I don't know. That sounds like a Rumsfeld briefing: "we don't know what we don't know. We just know that we don't know."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Healthy Web Marketing

This title is from a presentation in the Santa Barbara City College Fe Bland Forum by Lorrie Thomas on Friday, October 9, 2009.
The new tools for marketing yourself on the Internet are happening because of the explosion of social media online now and the large number of worldwide users.
Your Facebook page, LinkedIn data, Twitter account, Blog for your comments, Flickr for sharing photos, and YouTube for sharing videos, are your modern methods of communication and connection and collaboration.
Use these, build your content, and build your network.
The Lorrie Thomas talk took about two hours.
I just said it in much less.
But, also, I did say much less.
To hear Lorrie more fully:
Web Marketing Therapy

Saturday, October 3, 2009

CSS for the HTML class-WTF?

What does CSS, HTML, WTF have to do with anything?

Well, the last one I know because I heard about it on the radio this morning.
It seems that my home state, Wisconsin, has been having some trouble promoting tourism to the state. (I hope that the quality control on its VIP products---CHEESE and BEER!---hasn't been slipping. I have experienced some ultra-fine Wisconsin beer this week-Simpler Times, from Monroe, Wisconsin. There is no problem in Monroe, Wisconsin that MY experienced taste buds detected.)

Today's radio told me that the state tourism federation--Wisconsin Tourism Federation--was not having their acronym properly appreciated. I say, what the f...., I mean, WTF!
Can't you all just plan a trip to the midwest before the first snow flakes arrive. Now is perfect time to see all the beautifully colored leaves.

I have a very fine library book explaining CSS from a designer's point of view. The book was due yesterday. I can't renew it because someone has placed a request for it.
I already have to pay 25 cents fine for today. I have only worked my way through the first two chapters. I have to return the book NOW. WTF-I will just use this as my excuse for flunking the CSS part of the mid-term exam.
Unless of course I am vacationing in Wisconsin then. You know---WTF.