Sunday, September 20, 2009

Business of Art Class visits Contemporary Arts Forum

Field trips have the potential to be interesting and there was no disappointment when the SBCC Business of Art Class went to the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum this past Friday. We had the pleasure of listening to Executive Director Miki Garcia devote way over an hour to talk, and talk fast, with continuous ideas and revelations, and commentary on how things really happen in the art world.
How building a network and staying in touch and keeping the network updated on what you are doing seems like the important thing to do.

We live in the time of constant generation and sharing of media files and various groupings of individuals to exchange data and information instantaneously. It's not only What media-OBJECT the artist generates, it's which of the many channels do you want to use to distribute it and to whom? Virtual galleries and virtual interviews are virtually happening as we speak. Did YOU send out a VIDEO today?? Do your part to live beyond your time.

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