Saturday, September 12, 2009

html class update

last Monday was the labor day holiday so we didn't have class, even though the first assignment was due on that date. It's pretty cool because we can do assignments and turn them in from our home computer. If we don't need help from the instructor or a tutor we don't need to go to the computer lab.
I had finished the first two assignments and turned them in so I am ahead of the game. I am using the break to work through the tutorials and a couple of HTML books I have at home. I want to get a good grasp of the procedure to 'mark-up' the document, and how the different tags are correctly used.
With this more methodical study I have learned a few things already. I don't want to get behind.
I am actually enjoying this learning. I find it so important to be learning something especially where there is some technicality involved. And even though the 'design' part comes later with study of CSS-(style sheets), I am enjoying using the tags by hand and making a simple web page.
I made a web page for the Open Studio Art class I teach in Adult Ed. Check it out.

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