Thursday, September 3, 2009

I like the way teach's ART looked on a GLASS PLATE

So, I did attend the first Business of Art Class and listened to the teacher's presentation. I think pretty much all 30 students were enthused by the positive energy and success story of Professor Nicole. Her background and success in Business is evident and what we want to feed from. She promises to show us different approaches to try, some of which we won't like and some of which we will. She didn't promise any miracles, only that we must be fearless and keep trying no matter how many rejections. She has been working her methods for several years now and she will help us develop an approach or pathway.
A key element is to develop 'the incredible power of flexible thinking' and we have a written assignment to use the Internet to research Free Art Opportunities. So I'm buying into Prof Nicole's process. What does it mean that I actually think HER ART-work looks GOOD on the GLASS PLATE she showed us? Can YOU see some of my FAMILY PAINTING images on a Back-to-School Backpack???

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