Saturday, October 3, 2009

CSS for the HTML class-WTF?

What does CSS, HTML, WTF have to do with anything?

Well, the last one I know because I heard about it on the radio this morning.
It seems that my home state, Wisconsin, has been having some trouble promoting tourism to the state. (I hope that the quality control on its VIP products---CHEESE and BEER!---hasn't been slipping. I have experienced some ultra-fine Wisconsin beer this week-Simpler Times, from Monroe, Wisconsin. There is no problem in Monroe, Wisconsin that MY experienced taste buds detected.)

Today's radio told me that the state tourism federation--Wisconsin Tourism Federation--was not having their acronym properly appreciated. I say, what the f...., I mean, WTF!
Can't you all just plan a trip to the midwest before the first snow flakes arrive. Now is perfect time to see all the beautifully colored leaves.

I have a very fine library book explaining CSS from a designer's point of view. The book was due yesterday. I can't renew it because someone has placed a request for it.
I already have to pay 25 cents fine for today. I have only worked my way through the first two chapters. I have to return the book NOW. WTF-I will just use this as my excuse for flunking the CSS part of the mid-term exam.
Unless of course I am vacationing in Wisconsin then. You know---WTF.

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