Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adult Ed Community Forum

The California state budget cutback affects our adult education program. The available class list was Decimated this term, with even more cuts forecast for the next term in January.

There is a meeting of the Adult Education Administrators tonite, October 27, from 5.30 to 7.30 at the Schott Center Auditorium.

Here is my point of view on the value of the art classes which people love but which are also on the chopping block for eliminating, so that job training can be the focus of Adult Ed.

'Vocational training' is like programming a machine to repeat a task precisely, for 40 hours a week, for XYZ corporation.

Taking a 'personal enrichment class' works on the level of your human soul and your entire head to toe Being. You learn new things, you solve problems as they arise, and your capabilities Grow, letting you Discover YOU have the ability to tackle any job or task.

It's the Bigger Picture we need to see here. Where is the TRUE payoff?

Training robots for XYZ? Or, Nourishing our region's age 21 and over adults, some with vast experiences, to befriend and to collaborate with?
This is our real Community we need to not Kill.

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